The Packet-boat 'Duchess Countess' to be Re-born Although the canal packet-boat 'Duchess Countess' never plied her trade on the Montgomery Canal, she did spend her last few years around the "Monty" and Llangollen canals, where she earned the dubious distinction of being the last boat up the Frankton Flight. As far as it is known, the 'Duchess Countess' is the only 19th century canal packet-boat that has been recorded through accurate drawings by a marine architect. All boats of that period were built by skilled craftsmen, using their knowledge and years of experience but without detailed plans. At the time the idea of building a traditional boat, to be based at or near Llanymynech, on the Powys-Shropshire border, as a skills training and employment programme was being considered, the whereabouts of the plans of the 'Duchess Countess' became known. This would give an unique opportunity to accurately re-create an historic craft, using traditional skills and materials. Inquiries started. The idea of re-creating a traditional horse-drawn packet-boat, for use on a canal which is itself being restored throughout, had been received with enthusiasm and has the full backing of British Waterways. It will provide an unique educational tool in demonstrating a mode of transport lost completely with the coming of the railways. It will provide an "interface with history" hitherto unavailable.